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RAAN Network News #8

Fall, 2006

Collectives Join in Fresno City Hall Sleepout

On October 21st a diverse coalition of community groups including Modesto's Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA), the local CAFE collective, and Food Not Bombs descend on the City Hall building in Fresno, California to protest recent police harassment of the homeless population. The anti-authoritarian groups served free hot vegan meals to all in attendance, and about 50 people spent the night camped out there in a show of solidarity. At some point, an undetermined number of unidentified individuals dropped several banners from the front of City Hall, including a DAAA-RAAN one reading "Arm the Homeless".

News from Kentucky

A RAAN operative in Central Kentucky continues to bring the straightedge justice and recently formed an anti-capitalist hardcore band called FIRE TO THE PRISONS, which will be touring in the spring and summer. Faced with the imposed misery of wage labor, he does his best to slack off and steal on the job while plotting the next battle in the ongoing social war.

Unconfirmed sources have reported a rise in confrontational grafitti around the University of Kentucky campus ("fuck art - let's kill" "destroy uk!" "the university is a prep school for boring jobs and loveless marriages") and anti-police stickers have appeared around town.

An outdoor punk show in August benefitting groups working against mountain top removal was shut down by police and when cops came to clear out those who refused to leave, dozens of youth began hurling insults at the pigs, one of whom was pushed. While the show was eventually shut down, cries of "we'll make shoes out of your skin pigs!" and "fuck the police!" rang out into the night as youth dispersed. Nobody was arrested.

More recently, local media reported that $15,000 dollars in golf merchandise was stolen from the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort on October 14th. In response, one RAANista began dreaming of hordes of golf-club wielding youth emerging from the ghetto to destroy businesses and battle with police. Let us revolutionary maniacs work together so this dream will someday become a reality.

RAAN Puts on Mini-Speaking Tour in Northern CA

From September 7th to 10th, RAAN organizers held two workshops in both Oakland and Santa Rosa, California, as well as a small Parkour (urban obstacle-course) training in Santa Rosa. The Oakland events were hosted by anarchist publishers AK Press, while the Santa Rosa workshops were held at the Free Mind Media infoshop. Aside from the PK training, the events focused on the network's analysis of the revolutionary situation in Venezuela, as well as how RAAN has been practically applied as a radical "action network" in the North. In Santa Rosa we then once again had the chance to show Our Oil and Other Tales, a wonderful film about petro-populism that the government of Hugo Chavez doesn't want people to see.

New RAAN Affiliates Getting Down:

The past few months have seen several new fronts open up in the RAANista war against everything that sucks. A few new cells have started grouping in Florida, and are even producing a new one-page zine, "How to Kill a Puddle" (e-mail: voicezine@gmail.com). At the same time, a brand new crew in Utah has started putting itself together based on the need to build the network's street culture (e-mail: socialchange117@hotmail.com). In Central Ohio as well new and old affiliates have begun doing outreach again (e-mail: hpwombat@yahoo.com). Perhaps most interestingly however, is that a newly-formed collective in Queensland, Australia has decided to raise the network's flag, for the first time making ours a tricontinental project (e-mail: directactioncollective@hotmail.com).

Poisoned Candy Rex Moves to Portland

We wish to inform you that Poisoned Candy Records, a large DIY distributor for the network, has moved from its home in Montana to Portland, Oregon. For more information write POISONED CANDY RECORDS - P.O. BOX 3311 - PORTLAND, OR 97208-3311 or go to poisonedcandy.com on the web.


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