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Seven Theses on the Orientation of RAAN

By RedLibertad (with contributions from members of the RAAN online community)

June 7th 2003

I. Any revolutionary movement based on affinity groups is in constant danger of becoming a clique. Any revolutionary movement based on large-scale collectivization is in constant danger of becoming a cult, or as the proportion fits, a religion. In that much, both are susceptible to inertia.

II. Regardless of organizational structure, the goal of such a group should be first and foremost to create discourse under the banner of class struggle. The orientation of our network is to facilitate the amalgamation of both organizational forms (affinity groups and federations), inclusive to individual participation. The moment the network subsumes one over the other it has failed in its cause and has ceased to be anything other than an (anti)organizing body.

III. The understanding of our stated principles is to elucidate the nature of the network, without which opposition to the State, authority, or any coercion is left ambiguous - possibly implicit. The nature of our principles are basic for a mutual understanding of autonomy and self-management with an equal principle of social revolution. The organization of autonomies is to the discretion of said groups, not the network. RAAN is a facilitator of these modes of agitation, not an overlord to them.

IV. There is no single ideological monopoly in RAAN, only the collective adherence of all involved to the basic guidelines of the Principles & Direction. This should always be a conscious fact.

V. The Network's principles are against Leninism and vanguard/Statist ideology. The vanguard has never accurately aligned itself with class struggle. We open ourselves to unity with those who "may hold sympathy for some of Lenin's ideas"1 (Bordigists, Italian-tradition Autonomists, etc.) under the pretense of mutual aid. We accept class struggle with no compromises. This should also always be a conscious fact. Under no circumstances does RAAN intend to subsume self-described Leninists (vanguardists, Bolsheviks, "party-builders"), and therefore they should expect our standards to be held against them.

VI. Anarchism has organized under the principle of the political to be conducive to economic protocol, and therefore exploitation and alienation. Communism (little-c) has organized under the principle of economic composition being conducive to the State. Both are correct in understanding it as a political-economy totality. Politics (the State) and economics (capitalism) are a symbiotic ideology, which we oppose as a totality. Anything less is giving capitalism a fighting chance. See thesis four.

VII. Leninist sympathizers who recognize the priority of true class struggle, as we have come to understand them, stand in opposition to (anti-state) communism and anarchism mostly for reasons of unfamiliarity. Acquaintance with anti-authoritarian class struggle is the ultimate discourse with Leninist sympathizers, as is experience with the inherent counter-revolutionary conduct of vanguards. RAAN's actions will provide the former, the study and recurrence of history shall provide the latter.2

See you [Leninists] in the streets... or maybe not.


1. Principles & Direction, pg. 16

2. Of course this is not to imply that we will sit idly while the Leninists continue to destroy genuine revolutionary movements, but we have to acknowledge that at this stage, the progression of the struggle also means the self-stratification and eradication of the old left.

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