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We have gathered here all available texts, essays, and dispatches that have been produced in RAAN's name since its founding in 2002. This collection represents an organic history of the network's theoretical output, tracing its original collective writings in organized forums to the individual reports and hypotheses that have been put forward more recently under its decentralized model. It is important to note that while in many ways these writings appear to present angles and viewpoints too diverse to be consolidated within a single tendency, this is in fact the very nature of RAAN's "organized contradiction" wherein the very existence of the network is itself a powerful dialectic between different radical initiatives that strives at all times not towards monolithic unity, but simply effectiveness in any of the available avenues of social/revolutionary struggle. The contents of this archive are divided as follows:

Aut/Pub Initiative - Autonomous publications; independent RAAN journals, newsletters, etc.

Independent Texts - Individual statements of position or tactical suggestion by RAANista authors.

Communiqués - Claims of responsibility for various actions (for informational purposes only).

RAAN Network News - An "official" newsletter produced sporadically by a fluid, all-volunteer staff.

Historical Statements - Texts that were relevant to a specific time or event.

The network's collectively-written founding document, the Principles & Direction, has been given its own page.

vanguard my ass

Independent Texts

As a general rule, those involved in RAAN have stayed away from the leftist tradition of writing long essays and official position papers on every subject. It is the prevailing attitude in the network that there exists no "blueprint" for what forms may be taken by movements for liberation, and that the relevant theoretical questions have already been substantially covered in the original uniting principles. Nevertheless, as necessity dictates there have on occasion been works produced to elaborate the evolving positions of the network or explain certain proposals. These are hosted here in the interest of providing a more complete look at the RAAN tendency, and are presented in reverse chronological order. For a more substantial collection of texts dealing with RAANista theory, see the Aut/Pub archive.

+ Samavartaka: An Open Letter to the Sacred Order of RAAN - by Nachie
+ Parkour for Commies: A Guide to Urban Freerunning - by RAAN Traceur Cell
+ Defining a Dialogue of Revolution: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat - by Nachie
+ Seven Theses on the Orientation of RAAN - by RedLibertad

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Collected here are a number of public statements released by RAAN affiliates claiming responsibility for a wide range of insurrectionary or radical actions. All communiqués found on this site were available in the public domain before being published, and are reproduced here only in the interest of historical reference and for informational purposes. Where possible, the communiqués are attributed to the entities which have signed them. Where the actions are claimed simply as being done by "the Red & Anarchist Action Network", we have attributed authorship to "RAAN Cell" in the interest of highlighting the fact that the network as a diverse tendency and cultural concept has no centralized planning capacity or responsibility for the commission of illegal acts. Those wishing to see a more detailed account of the actions described here, including links to the relevant communiqués in this archive, should investigate the History section.

+ Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 3/2/11 - by Derby City RAAN
+ Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 2/14/11 - by Some Bluegrass RAAN Motherfuckers
+ Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 2/4/11 - by RAAN Cell
+ California RAAN Communiqué 10/3/10 - by RAAN Cell
+ Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 7/31/08 - by A proudly anonymous R.A.A.N. affiliate
+ Maryland RAAN Communiqué 7/10/07 - by RAAN Cell
+ Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 5/25/07 - by A bluegrass cell of the R.A.A.N.
+ California RAAN-FP Communiqué 12/14/06 - by Falce Proletaria (RAAN-FP)
+ Washington, DC RAAN Communiqué 1/12/05 - by RAAN Cell

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RAAN Network News

RAAN - Network News is a one-page periodic newsletter from the Red & Anarchist Action Network that covers the activities of regional RAAN groups and members, as well as the overall functioning of the tendency. It was initiated in the hope that such an organ would make it easier for members to keep informed about what the network is doing and become inspired to act in their own communities. RAAN-NN is comprised of several independent reports sent in from places where the network is active. It has no official editors or staff writers, and the distribution system is completely decentralized. Those who support it are encouraged to download current issues and leave copies of RAAN-NN anywhere that this news might be of interest.

Network News has traditionally been produced at more or less random intervals, according to the availability of reports and volunteers, through the RAAN Online Community. Some back issues are available for download in .pdf format below:

+ RAAN-NN #8 - Fall, 2006 (HTML)
+ RAAN-NN #7 - Summer, 2006 (HTML)
+ RAAN-NN #6 - Spring, 2006
+ RAAN-NN #5 - Fall, 2005
+ RAAN-NN #4 - Winter, 2004
+ RAAN-NN #3 - Fall, 2003
+ RAAN-NN #2 - August, 2003
+ RAAN-NN #1 - July, 2003

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Historical Statements

Although RAAN has always conceived of itself as having a legitimate existence solely through physical action, there are of course a number of documents that are produced by affiliates along the course of their activities. The majority of them bear no particular importance either to the network's development or to its current existence; they were created at specific times and for specific reasons and do not indicate anything more than the prevailing attitude of the authors in those moments. We have, however, preserved them here when we can find them for the sake of collecting together as many of the varied indicators of RAAN's existence as possible. Below you will find a number of statements written in the network's name that describe particular moments in time. Though some of these texts may rightly be described as "communiqués", they are here presented in a separate section due to the fact that they more often describe the products of discussions rather than actions, situations rather than activities, or are written foremost in reaction to the exploits of others. They may indeed prove helpful in examining and understanding how the network has portrayed itself over the years.

+ Response to the Critique of RAANismo (10/10/10) - by A few RAANistas
+ ECC-RAAN: Campaign #2 (9/6/10) - by Saint Schmidt
+ Justice for Oscar Grant? (8/9/10) - by RAAN Nation
+ The First Ever Meeting of the East Coast Canada RAAN (9/15/09) - by ECC-RAAN
+ The Civil War in Venezuela: Socialism to the Highest Bidder (6/17/06) - by Nachie
+ RAAN Statement on Mutual Aid and Hurricane Katrina Relief (9/14/05) - by RAAN Internet Hub
+ Bolivanarchism: The Venezuela Question in Our Movement (6/9/05) - by Nachie
+ RAAN Collective Forming in Rockville, MD (8/6/03) - by Kazm Collective (RAAN)

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