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RAAN Collective Forming in Rockville, MD


Attention all anti-state communists, anarchists, autonomists, revolutionaries, and anti-authoritarians!

The Red & Anarchist Action Network has been organizing a collective in the city of Rockville, and we are looking for local activists who would be interested in participating! Named the Kazm Collective after a now-defunct RAAN dance troupe that formed last year in Bethesda to raise money for Infoshop.org, we are currently a 3-member group looking for other radicals in Maryland who would be interested in building a revolutionary presence in this area. Our current membership is heavily active in the Bethesda/Rockville chapter of Food Not Bombs, and organized the anti-capitalist contingent of the July 4th counter-celebration in Rockville. We are looking to become more cohesive and put together radical actions both in Rockville and in DC under the banner of RAAN.

On August 17th we will be holding an open meeting at the Silver Diner parking lot in Rockville (see below for directions and time). We invite everyone who is interested in RAAN or in radical politics to join us for an open discussion on a variety of topics including the network, possible organizational and anti-organizational forms for the collective, and projects for the collective to undertake both locally and as part of the wider RAAN community.

WHEN: August 17th at 3 PM

WHERE: From White Flint Metro: turn right after exiting the metro, then right again. Walk (north) down Rockville Pike (355) for two blocks, past the Silver Diner. Cross the street (by turning left), we'll be in the parking lot behind the diner, look for the red and black flags! Driving: take 270 to Montrose Rd., turn right on Rockville Pike (355) and then right again into the shopping center.

Love and revolution,

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Kazm Collective - RAAN
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