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ECC-RAAN: Campaign #2

by Saint Schmidt



Even as we try, we can not outrun the fire. As each day passes new passions are set ablaze by the cops on the front-lines, the cops in our movements, and the cops in our heads. No longer content to live among the noise of minor politicians, impotent activists are becoming anti-authoritarians and anti-authoritarians are becoming nihilists. The threshold experience of radicalism offers three subsequent directions: to put the flame out cold, to let the flame burn itself from whence it appeared, or else to add our passions to the lot and burn a giant radiant flame together. The nihilists, the individualists, the apathetic, the dispossessed, the homeless, the forgotten, the aging radicals, etc., these are subjectivities still worth fostering. While official RAAN publications have hitherto ridiculed these positions, now, in the east coast, we are offered the opportunity to prove these caricatures wrong.

Eastern RAANistas have discovered the becoming-nihilists of activists as a spectator sport. No longer having to participate in the destruction of the Left and Radical scenes (or the linchpins of activism in Fredericton, Saint John, Montreal, Guelph, and Halifax) - each cluster destroying itself one by one - we have only to affirm our presence and to gain a public face. This campaign begins today. I encourage other ECC-RAANistas to join me.

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