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Washington, DC RAAN Communiqué 1/12/05

(is just another politician)

"You can paint them red, white, blue, or even green - but our dreams still wont fit in your fucking ballot boxes."

There can be no participation in - no compromise with - the system because from the ground up it has been built on a perfected hierarchy of privilege that is capable of representing only the interests of power, be they manifested through overt imperialism or the subjugation of our own communities to the continued dominance of private property relations and the inescapable social decay that such inequality breeds. It absolutely does not matter who we vote for because even if the powers that be were unable to manipulate poll results to their advantage (and we have seen no hesitation on their part to do so). The rotten core of this society exists far beyond the reach of any benevolent or "liberal" reforms; it is in fact the foundation from which all laws, whether we agree with them or not, draw there supposed legitimacy...


In the same way that some look to Nader's appearance here as a great step forward in the history of this wonderful community living room, so do we present our own view that the vitality and relevance of this project depends on its ability to build extra - political movements through music and projects that challenge rather than dialogue with the fundamentally repressive nature of not just the republicans and democrats, but representative democracy itself. By hosting someone who has run for president and now hawks his books for a mere $75 in campaign contributions, the E-maid is paralleling the broader notion of the validity of electoral politics by taking its focus out of the immediate community and in essence relieving us of the ability to defend our own interests by suggesting that we place them in the hands of just another politician.


"Instead of learning how he can 'represent' us, why dont we learn how to truly represent ourselves..."

The Red & Anarchist Action Network is a decentralized affiliation of individuals and collectives who subscribe to a core of principles advocating a radical anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian evolution of society through non-political channels. Our actions here today are not representative of a specific attack against Ralph Nader or his recent campaign, but rather a more general protest against the totality if the bourgeois electoral system in which he wishes for you to participate.

- Red and Anarchist Network (RAAN)

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