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Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 2/14/11

2/14/11 - This morning members of the Kentucky Red & Anarchist Action Network hailed the approach of warm spring weather with a glorious assault against the offices of the Fayette County Republican Party, leaving plenty of laughter and broken glass in our wake.

With a wink and a nod, we acknowledge our unity of purpose with the members of RAAN who smashed up a headquarters of the Democratic Party in California last October. If there were a viable third party in the United States, it would probably be necessary to attack them as well (not forgetting of course our actions against Ralph Nader several years ago).

While everyone's eyes are turned to the unfolding (incomplete) revolutions in the Arab world, we should not lose sight of the fact that each and every single one of us in every city, town, and neighborhood over here on this side of the globe also has the ability to create new situations in our daily lives. There is a momentum building, if only in our hearts. There is a tide in the affairs of humanity that calls us at this very moment to cast aside all systems of control and domination. Only together can marginalized anti-capitalists find ways to rise above a reliance on these passing "hit and run" direct actions and the eventual impotency that they breed. The way forward is to unite as a band of committed individuals capable of acting publicly as well as clandestinely. To become a powerful movement, we need only conceive of ourselves as such: may the momentum of this attack drive us in that direction, in Kentucky and beyond.

For years now we have been told to "find each other and be dangerous together!" by any number of posturing intellectuals cloaked in meaningless rhetoric. What we are in search of is a concrete method of actually achieving that ideal, beyond all the empty platitudes and false promises of the postmodern insurrectionaries. There is indeed a powderkeg of alienated resentment laying behind the façade of 21st century civilization, and we are going to find the fuse to it. Merely supporting us is not enough. You cannot join RAAN, but you can become it. This shit ain't no spectator sport, so let's get organized.

In solidarity with all those who are finding the courage to determine the conditions of their own existence,

Some Bluegrass RAAN Motherfuckers

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