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Kentucky RAAN Communiqué 2/4/11

"What am I lying here for? ... We are lying here as though we had a chance of enjoying a quiet time. ... Am I waiting until I become a little older?" - Xenophon

February 4th, 2011 - At around 12:30 AM this morning, members of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) in Lexington, Kentucky used broken chunks of porcelain to smash out several windows and the front doors of CHASE Bank at the corner of Harrodsburg and Clays Mill.

It should be obvious to anyone that this institution has regularly engaged in a multitude of unpardonable atrocities. Chief amongst them, their troublesome role in the daily reproduction of the global economy. We should also specifically mention their participation in what has been the literal destruction of entire mountains by the coal industry in Appalachia. There is absolutely no legitimate excuse under heaven for what they have done. Every bank must be physically destroyed.

We entertain no illusions about the revolutionary potential of our actions. Nothing has been achieved by what we did other than an immediate yet temporary catharsis of our clenched desires. Even so, we dedicate this moment of rupture to the RAANista Tendency.

RAAN is not an Insurrectionary Party; it is the party of insurrection.

We do not have a single constructive demand to make of the present system. We similarly reject all those who legitimize it through negotiation or any other form of peaceful engagement. All we want is more RAAN. There is nothing left for us save the thin metaphysical possibility that we might actually be able to create a revolutionary organization purely by acting as though it already exists. We move not towards victory, but simply towards the valorization of our own experience as human beings. Anyone who wishes to see an end to capitalism and government is welcome to join us.

Shout out to all the fitted-cap anarchists, the barefoot communists, and the pissed-off feminists.

Non Metuamus Futuri
RAANismo o muerte.

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