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RAAN-FP Communiqué 12/14/06

To all our comrades,

Early this morning, a cell of Falce Proletaria (RAAN-FP) attacked the contemptuously-named "Tiitz Salon" in the heart of downtown Modesto, California. Amongst other damage to the storefront, an insulting "Just 4 Men" sign as well as the door it was emblazoned on was shattered into a thousand pieces.

Falce Proletaria is a decentralized splinter faction of the RAANista tendency. We are committed to engaging in acts of clandestine direct action alongside and in solidarity with the broader activities of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN). Falce Proletaria makes no exclusive claim to insurrectionary tactics, and is as autonomous from the greater network as the various component parts of that network are from each other.

The so-called "Tiitz Salon" is a barber shop, massage parlor, and "gentlemen's club" in the very center of Modesto. We find not only its purpose, but also imagery and execution, to be repulsive. We wish to serve notice that we will not hesitate to physically take matters into our own hands when it comes to abolishing the cultures which engender rape and sexual violence.

To the racist Modesto Police Department, who only a few months ago (September 9th, 2006) were so cheerfully beating and tazing young people of color mere yards from the Salon: we express our deepest regrets in informing you that your control over downtown and the neighborhoods surrounding it is but a mere illusion.

Our action this morning represents both a symbolic tear in the suffocating veil of patriarchy AND a tangible blow to one of the many physical institutions of that system. We reject both the spectacle which sells womyn's bodies AND the commodification & categorization of all human sexuality. We denounce not only machismo, but heterocentrism as well. We will demonstrate to them new ways to live while slowly making the old ones impossible!

For all who are oppressed! For all who are imprisoned! For all who struggle!

RAANismo o muerte!

- Falce Proletaria (RAAN-FP)


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