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RAAN Autonomous Publication Initiative (RAAN Aut/Pub) is a completely decentralized umbrella under which network cells create and distribute a variety of journals, zines, and other DIY publications discussing issues germane to the network's principles. These works and their content are the responsibility of the collectives that generated them, and the Hub is showcasing such projects in the interest of documenting and expanding on the culture of the tendency. Posters and other pieces of agitational propaganda created along these lines are available for download in the gallery.

Below you will find an alphabetical listing and informational archive of any RAAN Aut/Pub projects that the Hub has been made aware of.

Emergent Property

Emergent Property began in 2010 following a growing interest in the network's projects. It builds on the popularity of the essays from Emotional Poverty, and continues to offer theoretical treatises on RAAN in a more easily-reproduced, newsletter format. Its primary goal is to serve as a tool for discussion of the network's ongoing evolution.

Emotional Poverty

Emotional Poverty was the first zine produced under Aut/Pub, and rose from the ashes of the Herbin' Guerrilla project. Covering a broader array of topics and political writings, EP had a particular concentration on the establishment of a firm day-to-day RAANista street culture and the mental/sub-cultural evolution of those within it.

Herbin' Guerrilla

Herbin' Guerrilla was a cut 'n paste zine created by the residents of a punk house over a series of months in late 2003. Geared more towards comedy than an ideological dialogue, HG was dedicated to exploring Marijuana cultures from within an Anarcho-communist framework. There are two issues in existence but the project is now defunct.

How to Kill a Puddle

How to Kill a Puddle was the first expression of the RAAN tendency to come from the state of Florida. Usually only one or two pages long, HTKAP functioned as a medium of discussion on topics related to practical DIY techniques and anarchist organizing strategy.

Praxis Journal

Publishing its only two issues years before "Aut/Pub" became a reality, Praxis was the only official publication that the network ever had, and in 2003 served as a vehicle for the distribution of RAAN's various foundational documents.

The Rebel

The Rebel is an open-ended "street sheet" covering various elements of current autonomist theory and the network's strategic focus. It is perhaps the most conventional RAAN publication, yet provides views and opinions far more radical than many newspapers of the radical milieu.


In this section we will attempt to make a complete listing of all single-issue zines produced by the RAANista tendency. Also included will be certain issues of semi- and non-affiliated publications that featured RAAN content in a significant way.

Emergent Property

Emergent Property functions as a major nexus for theoretical developments related to the practical experiences of RAAN as an autonomist tendency. Borrowing the one-page "internal bulletin" format from RAAN - Network News and its initials from Emotional Poverty, the project it has endeavored to continue in the footsteps of, Emergent Property seeks to be a frequently-updated instrument for the promotion of discussions about the applications of the Red & Anarchist Action Network as a tactic. The name of the newsletter is a term used to describe the effects of complex systems in nature when they begin to exhibit qualities that cannot be separately attributed to any of their individual parts.

Emergent Property #1 - Welcome to Emergent Property! • A Theory of Permanent Regeneration? • Against the Language of Militancy (reprint from Vagabond Theorist)
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Emotional Poverty


Emotional Poverty was a self-examining communist cultural zine that launched alongside RAAN's increasing commitment to promoting autonomous publications created by independent cells as a way of encouraging complexity in discussions of the network's experience. Notable for the extensive detail in which it explored the mechanics of autonomist networks and the use of "crews" as an organizational model, EP served as the chief vehicle for RAAN's theoretical development from 2005-2007 and continues to be massively influential in the network.

Due to popular demand, HTML transcriptions of most essays from the last three issues of Emotional Poverty have been made available below:

Emotional Poverty #5 - "The total negation of everything that had existed before"

+ Explanation (Why you can call this a "Personal Zine")
+ RAANismo is an Act of Intuition
+ Some Thoughts on Zines (and Other Publications)
+ RAAN-FP Communique 12/14/06
+ The "Role" of the Individual
+ What's in a Name?
+ Whither Parkour?
+ Imagery and Symbolism in the Network
+ Looking Ahead...
+ Quotes from Issue #5 of Against Sleep & Nightmare

Emotional Poverty #4 - "This booklet is not a substitute for an informed discussion"

+ Misconception and the R.A.A.N.
+ Of Individuals and Organizations
+ Gender in RAAN
+ Crews or Collectives?
+ Flyer from Santa Rosa speaking event
+ Five Principles of the Red & Anarchist Action Network
+ Don't Believe the Hype!
+ Pages of quotes from The Subversion of Politics

Emotional Poverty #3 - "The Crewcial Journal of Red & Anarchist Street Culture"

+ Culture of the Red & Anarchist Action Network
+ Support Prisoners of the Social War!
+ Venezuela Updates + CA3 Parkour Flyer
+ Are We There Yet? Reflections on the Physics of R(A)AN
+ Parkour - The Future of the Movement
+ Lenin: Still Sucking After All These Years!
+ Calling All Anarcho-Nihilist Suicide Bombers!
+ Poisoned Candy Records 2006 Catalog

Emotional Poverty #2 - "I'll build houses, pure dream houses"

+ Discussion and Elaboration of the network's self-definitions
+ The lingerin' ghost of Che Guevara
+ Musings on love and anger
+ Parkour - Situationist Dérive or Communist Ninjutsu?
+ Several pages of quotations from Paulo Freire and Antonio Negri.
+ More communism than you can shake a stick at!

Emotional Poverty #1 - "How could I possibly enjoy my career if I didn't manage my depression?"

+ Notes on the demise of Herbin' Guerrilla
+ Five ways to promote "communist anarchism" in your area
+ Report on January, 2005 action against Ralph Nader
+ Obligatory subcultural rant
+ Various illustrations and cartoons

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Herbin' Guerrilla


Herbin' Guerrilla was a DIY zine put out as a "comedy-cultural journal" by collaborating cells of RAAN in the Winter of 2003. While as a concept the zine was born as a comedic vehicle for prose written under the influence, it quickly grew into a wider satire of revolutionary (?) drug culture. Unfortunately, HG was shelved in late 2004 in order to concentrate limited resources on producing more serious and accessible literature. Many RAANistas have expressed a nostalgia for its ridiculous attitude and content.

Herbin' Guerrilla #2 - Bike Jousting For Justice!
+ Making Barricades The Social Norm
+ Public Park Memorials
+ Yelling At Schoolbuses With A Bullhorn!
+ Tales From The World Social Forum 2003
+ "Cooking" With Stoners
+ Paraphenalia!
+ An All-New Commie & Cappie Comic!
Herbin' Guerrilla #1 - Banana Candle Lightbulb
+ Tall Tales From The Attic!
+ Smuggled Communiques From Cell #12
+ Red's Magical Poetry Corner
+ Feral Fumigator (how to stuff mini-blunts and carve bowls out of bagels)
+ The Stoner Entertainment Palate!
+ The Jesus Jaunt
+ An All-New Commie & Cappie Comic!
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How to Kill a Puddle


How to Kill a Puddle was created in 2006 by a 14-year-old up-and-coming RAANista in the US state of Florida who was hoping to connect new crews there with the network's broader experience through Aut/Pub. HTKAP was structured as a small half-fold newsletter and tended to focus on practical issues involving DIY projects and tactical suggestions. Though only two issues are believed to have ever existed, its audacious name and no-nonsense content helped it develop a reputation as one of the network's more interesting publications.

HTKAP #2 - Making Stencils
HTKAP #1 - Skateboarding and (anti)politics
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Praxis Journal

Praxis Journal was a seasonal journal of the Red & Anarchist Action Network and is unique in that having been created prior to RAAN's total decentralization, it is the only "official publication" that ever existed. As such, in its first and only two issues it served as the principal instrument for elaboration of the network's tendency through the release of important foundational documents such as the Principles of Action and Principles of Organization. As its name suggests, Praxis Journal had an editorial line of only dealing with issues directly related to the physical organization of the tendency. After the first two issues allowed for the sufficient establishment of RAAN's principles of unity, the project was abandoned for the sake of eliminating any future pretense at the network's having an official organ.

Praxis Journal #2 (Fall 2003) - Communists Without Apology, Anarchists Without Compromise

+ Introduction to issue #2
+ The RAAN Principles of Action - by RAAN
+ Resisting the Entirety of the Spectacle - by Crudocrust and RedLibertad
+ The Functioning of a Network: A "No Bullshit" Policy VS. The Lethargy of Activism - by Nachie
+ Autonomy & Affiliation: An Interview With Doug From DAAA - by The RAAN Network Hub
+ Spineless Fucking Liberals: A Case Study - by Beck, Kazm Collective (RAAN Rockville - MD)
+ As Sexy As We Wanna Be: An Interview With Nachie From RAAN - by Donald, The Female Species Collective (RAAN Cincinnati - OH)

Praxis Journal #1 (Summer 2003) - Rock The Boat, Blow-up The Yacht

+ Introduction to issue #1
+ Building a RAAN Presence in Your Area - by RAAN
+ Anarcho-Sceneism: What it is and how to fight it - by Nachie
+ On Federations and Networks: An Interview with Robert Ebright - by High Priest Wombat, KSC
+ Crisis of the Crisis-Makers - by RedLibertad
+ The Eros Effect: An Interview with George Katsiaficas - by RAAN
+ Call for the Formation of a New Armed Revolutionary Movement - by The Hukbalahap Collective (RAAN)

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The Rebel

The Rebel began in 2010 alongside a general resurgence in the network's activity, and seeks to create an additional medium for the exposure of RAAN's ideas to the general public. Adopting the single-page format of many other Aut/Pub projects, it functions as a source of agitational propaganda capable of reacting to - but not at all dependent upon - current events in creating discussions around economic issues within the network. Less of a periodical than a body of work, The Rebel has tended to focus on questions of neighborhood autonomy and working class solidarity.

The Rebel #1 - War, Economy, and Class • Cops, Pigs, Murderers! • Parting Words From RAAN
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In this section will be listed all one-off publications put together by or for the RAAN tendency over the course of its existence. Included will be a variety of non-affiliated (but generally ideologically sympathetic) periodicals which at one point or another devoted a noticeable amount of content either to RAAN directly, or to the promotion of RAAN activities, events, or ideology.

The Bluegrass Insurgent - BGI described itself and RAAN as "fucking maniacs hell bent on the destruction of civilization", and began in January of 2007 as a local radical newspaper anonymously-produced in the area of Lexington, Kentucky (USA). The publication focused primarily on local news, reports of community violence and attacks against police officers, as well as editorials on regional social struggles and the network's developing theory. Sadly, only one issue was ever produced.

Practice Preceeds Form [sic] - Arguably one of RAAN's most distinctive forays into ideological experimentation, PPF's "Zen Perspectives on Creating Insurrectionary Networks" took out-of-context quotes from the well-known Zen Buddhist work Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and sought to use them in explaining the "intuitive" methodology of an autonomist network. About 100 copies were printed and distributed across the United States on 3/25/07.

Total Destruction #3 - The Winter 2007 issue of this self-described Marxist-inspired "Straightedge Fanzine Against the Ruling Social Order" from Kentucky (USA) featured a call for actions to coincide with RAAN's 5th anniversary.

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