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RAAN Flyers and Propaganda

This section of the RAAN Hub website has been created as a showcase for flyers, pamphlets, and other pieces of (mostly) region non-specific propaganda created and distributed in the name of the Red & Anarchist Action Network and its uniting principles. In creating a showcase of these expressions, we hope to better track and understand the development of the network's ideology and how different participants are shaping it. For downloadable newsletters, journals, and other periodicals see the Aut/Pub archive. If you're looking for a database of RAAN graphics and photographs for use in your own projects, the directories of this website may be browsed here.

Whenever possible, we will present these files in .pdf format for ease of viewing. The following documents are displayed here for historical reference only. The contents of these files belong to the individuals and collectives who have authored them, and they are in no way meant to encourage or exhort illegal activity of any form.

Flyers - Anything meant for printing on 8x11" or smaller. Single-sided only.

Pamphlets - Files to be printed and stapled into booklets or tri-folds. Double-sided and A5 formatted.

Posters - Anything meant for printing on 11x17" or larger.


Presented here is a collection of one-page communications in the name of the Red & Anarchist Action Network. These appear to be meant either for handing out en masse or for public posting on walls, telephone posts, etc. Many of them appear to have been created explicitly with the purpose of giving new affiliates an easy way to distribute RAAN materials in their area.

+ 5-Hour Economy (2010) - Anti-work leaflet decrying the pace of modern society.
+ Los Incontrolados (2005) - A mini-flyer meant for streetcorner or infoshop distribution.
+ It's War! (2003) - Flyer aimed at a diffuse opposition to activism within Capitalist society.
+ Fuck Lenin (2003) - A brief "declaration of war" on Leninist groups and their activities.

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The following files are formatted so that when printed out as double-sided copies, they can be folded and/or stapled into booklets. As RAAN has never had any centralized publisher or distribution apparatus, it remains entirely reliant on individuals printing out their own copies of important documents. Some of the network's most important publications have still never been transferred to a digital format.

+ Civil War in Venezuela (2006) - The network's seminal analysis of the "Bolivarian Revolution" in booklet form.
+ RAAN Principles & Direction (2003) - The network's founding document as an A5 pamphlet.

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These files are poster-size propaganda pieces intended for home or public display. As with all other materials here they were produced independently and for a variety of reasons, and due to their decentralized means of distribution none of them appear to have become as ubiquitous as many of the official posters produced by most political groups.

+ Capitalism Makes Us Sick! (2007) - A self-explanatory 11x17 poster.
+ Red & Anarchist (2006) - An "all-purpose" propaganda piece in 11x17 poster size.

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