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RedAnarchist.org is a Hub site for the Red & Anarchist Action Network, usually referred to in its more complex, "cultural" totality simply as RAAN. This page and its archives are maintained by a small group of volunteers hoping to accurately document the development of the RAAN tendency in as earnest and uncomplicated a manner as possible. It therefore serves a dual role as both a living historical document and portal for those wishing to learn more about the network or affiliate their activity to its overall vision. Suggestions, additions, and corrections can be sent to us via this e-mail address.

Disclaimer: The contents of these archives and the relevant external links belong solely to their respective authors, and are not meant to either encourage or dissuade anyone from engaging in any form of illegal action. RAAN bills itself as a revolutionary anti-capitalist, anti-statist current, and its output in both theory and praxis is consistent with the broad traditions of these movements.

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A large mailorder distro of network material has been set up by affiliates at Poisoned Candy Records, based out of the North American state of Oregon. For information on how to order Red & Anarchist Action Network literature, patches, t-shirts, flags, and stickers, please check out their RAAN Catalog.

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