Moving on?

posted 2013.04.17, under lefthost

This project was meant to be much more than what it is. It hasn’t lived up to its potential though. Many reasons, perhaps mainly because of time issues and lack of community. As such, whether or not this project continues beyond 2013 is something that is being thought about.

If you have any opinions, please contribute.

If you wish to take over this domain, and turn it into something amazing, please also get in touch.


posted 2011.03.07, under lefthost

So yeah, it seems this site hasn’t been updated or anything much. Possibly because there isn’t enough time. Want to help out? Just drop a line to the email hosting [at] lefthost [dot] info and stuff.

Also welcome is ideas of what to mirror and stuff. (Speaking of which, the RAAN mirror is up-to-date, it still doesn’t include the forum.)


posted 2010.01.11, under lefthost

Welcome to As outlined in our about document, we provide hosting to leftist projects. Yeah baby yeah!

(Oh yeah, and do you want an email address? That can be arranged too!)

  • About

    Welcome to We provide free, ad-free, trust-worthy hosting and mirroring to worthwhile left-wing projects. If you wish to have your project or organisation's home page, hosted or mirrored on, please email . For further information see our about page. (We are also going to blog about stuff happenin' around the world 'n' stuff sometimes.)

  • "...When compared with the suppression of anarchy every other question sinks into insignificance. The anarchist is the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all mankind, and his is a deeper degree of criminality than any other. No immigrant is allowed to come to our shores if he is an anarchist; and no paper published here or abroad should be permitted circulation in this country if it propagates anarchist opinions."
    --President Theodore Roosevelt,
    Message To the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Regarding
    Transmission Through the Mails of Anarchistic Publications
    April 9, 1908