The Adventures of Tintin – Breaking Free

posted 2013.04.18, under fiction

Breaking Free tells the story of a young Tintin who, is part of a mass movement which threatens to bring down the government. A strike at the building site where his uncle (the Captain) and he work goes first, cross company, and then, nation wide.

You can also find it at a French site, where you can read it page by page on-line, instead of downloading the whole thing.

According to Wikipedia, the book was written under the pseudonym J. Daniels and published by Attack International in April of 1988 – Lezard, Nicholas (August 23, 1994). ‘Paperbacks: Round-up’. The Guardian. Pg. T10.

You can download Tintin Breaking Free as cbz/zip archive here (~11.9MB) (if you can’t open it, rename it to end with .zip, rather than .cbz).

Apparently you can also buy Tintin Breaking Free from Freedom Press. Do that, it’ll be good for your soul.

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