The Book Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

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  • Autor: Wol-Vriey
  • Editor: Burning Bulb Publishing
  • Relaese Date: 02 April 2015
  • ISBN: 0692419004
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT, Audio, MOBI
  • Number of page: 152 pages
  • File Size: 24MB
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Description Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer de Wol-Vriey:

""This primer is the very essence of any and all styles and types of Bizarro writing. Wol-vriey collects, distills, and bottles up these 37 tiny stories for your sensory enjoyment. This is an absolute must-read for anyone new to the genre, because it demonstrates the scope of what Bizarro is, and what it can be.""--Teresa Pollack, Bizarro commentator and blogger Welcome to the strange place: A collection of 37 flash fiction stories designed to introduce one to the Bizarro/New Weird Genre. Weird, dreamy, nightmarish, absurd, sad, surreal, humorous . . . this collection of tales is all this and more. Welcome once again to the strange place, everyone . . . the very strange place. Stories include: The Original Penisthumb Love Lust in Brazil Teething Troubles Jackie Chan Angel Ears are for Hearing Evil Beef Factory Angie Stone's Revival Lesbian in my Pocket Void Can't See For The Rain Identia The Morning After Ahmed Apple Attacks America! The Grass A Day at the Racists Behind Every Successful Woman Okay! Okay!! For Ze Love of Rosa (A Legend of Bizarro Mexico) Ring Ring Shrink Me Good Medicine Liquid Husband The East Side of the House In Reverso Entertaining Spider Number One Senor Ogre (A Legend of Bizarro Mexico) Die, You Fluffy Sonofabitch! Soft Silky Skin Venice God's Refrigerator 2012: The Alien Egg Retro Race Relations Rumble The Lionesses and The Hyena The Secret Life of Drawers The Devil in Utopia " Wol-vriey is Nigerian and quite tall. He currently resides in a state of uneasy stalemate with his threatening-to-thin-beyond-redemption hair, and believes there actually are things that go bump in the night. Wol-vriey recycles the ridiculous into reasonable reality for the reader. His WEIRRRD philosophy? WEIRRRD = Warp/Write Everything into Realistic Ridiculous Readable Distorted Dream Dimension Descriptions. Wol-vriey is the author of Boston Posh, Melanie Nemesis Catchpole, Vagina Mundi, Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, and Vegan Vampire Vaginas published by Burning Bulb Publishing His stories: The Bizarro Story of I, Alice's Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork Goddess, Chainsaw Cop Corpse, Meat Suitcase, and Guiltessa Dolores are published by other imprints. His short story Forever Ago Sunshine appears in The Big Book of Bizarro and his novella Big Trouble In Little Ass appears as a standalone eBook as well as in print as part of the Westward Hoes anthology, also by Burning Bulb Publishing.

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Magebearer Re: Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

A favorite book on the shelf, long time no see!

Dothis Re: Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

I liked it! Thank you 4 download link

Morluundefined Re: Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

I liked it! Thank you 4 download link

Shallador Re: Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

thank you for download

Celune Re: Bizarro 101: A Basic Primer

I'm glad I finally downloaded the epub versions. I am very happy.


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