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  • Autor: Martin Brown
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  • ISBN: 1484201973
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Description Moving Data de Martin Brown:

Databases today are not stand-alone silos of discrete data. Instead, data is moved and shared between multiple databases and systems. Some of this is performed for operational reasons, such as when you need to take advantage of NoSQL databases for web performance, while at the same time storing the long-term data in traditional RDBMS. At other times, you need to migrate data between systems. Finally-and more often now than ever-you need to move data between systems to take advantage of specific features, such as merging data into Big Data stores (like Hadoop) for analytics, then moving the data back into a traditional RDBMS or NoSQL environment for display and analysis. Moving data can be difficult. Yet, as Moving Data: How to Move, Share, and Integrate SQL, NoSQL, and Big Data shows, there's always a method to accomplish the task at hand. Database expert MC Brown covers a range of solutions and techniques for moving, migrating, sharing, and integrating data between different databases and environments. He also shows how to transform the data between different representation formats, and how to automate or set up live replication of this data between the different databases systems. The information couldn't be more timely, as the need to move data around to accomplish specific tasks continues to grow with no letup in sight. As a result, the specialized skills you'll learn from this book are soon going to be required for database administrators, IT professionals, and database architects, among others. You'll learn how to: * Migrate data to and from RDBMSMove data from RDBMS to NoSQL databases* Move or migrate data into or out of Big Data stores* Integrate Big Data sources with applications and databases Best, the book is specially designed to provide both generic advice for each database solution, and more specific advice for different combinations. For example, there is generic advice about how to handle the idiomatic structure of an RDBMS, but also more specific advice for permanently migrating data from an RDBMS to a NoSQL store, for replicating data between these two stores, and finally for using both systems concurrently. Moving Data covers territory found in no other book- it is an essential go-to reference for anyone charged with moving data among systems successfully. A professional writer for over 15 years, Martin (MC) Brown is the author and contributor to more than 26 books covering an array of topics, including the recently published Getting Started with CouchDB. His expertise spans myriad development languages and platforms: Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript, Basic, Pascal, Modula-2, C, C , Rebol, Gawk, Shellscript, Windows, Solaris, Linux, BeOS, Microsoft WP, Mac OS and more. He is currently senior information architect for Continuent.

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I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

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